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Wolves of the Rockies is committed to staying an all volunteer organization. It is our goal to use education to bring about the social change that our wolves and wildlife deserve. With your help we can accomplish this sooner.

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Marc Cooke

President and Board Member

Marc is a proud US military veteran and served his country in both Desert Storm and Desert shield. He and his wife Lorenza have called Montana home for over twenty years. During that time, his passion for protecting Rocky Mountain wolves has grown into a full-time, volunteer job.

Kim Bean

Vice President and Board Member

Kim Bean was born and raised in Wyoming and spent her time in the great western outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking and looking for wildlife. After serving in the USAF, she attended Front Range Community College and University of Montana Helena. 

Rhonda Lanier

Secretary and Board Member

I have been actively involved in advocating for wolves for over ten years. As an Apex predator, I firmly believe they are fulfilling a role for which Mother Nature created them.

Lorenza Cooke

Treasurer and Board Member

Biography coming soon!

Elizabeth Hoag

Board Member

Elizabeth Hoag became a WotR board member in 2021. After college, she moved to Colorado and had the honor of living among some gray wolves. Elizabeth fell in love with their wild spirit and, since meeting Marc Cooke, is determined to protect Rocky Mountain wolves.

Leslie Williams

Board Member

Leslie Williams is an entrepreneur and retired attorney with a deep passion for wolves (after all, all dogs come from wolves!) She has a strong sense of justice and cares deeply about the environment, which led her to WotR. She looks forward to furthering WotR’s mission to protect and defend these beautiful animals who cannot advocate for themselves. Leslie holds a JD from Harvard Law School and a BA in Political Science and Economics from Wellesley College.

Samantha Attwood

Board Member

Samantha Attwood is a passionate supporter of wolves and the environment. She was drawn to WotR because of the team’s genuine passion for wolves and the real action behind the mission. Samantha currently leads a Business Development team at Amazon and previously worked as a researcher for the Nature Conservancy, where her focus was on the efficacy of the Endangered Species Act. She holds an MBA from MIT and a BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Yale University. 

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