Howling for Help!

Support Our Efforts to Protect Yellowstone Wolves

Help stop the slaughter of Yellowstone National Park and Rocky Mountain wolves by doing the following:

Support businesses that support wolves

Ask businesses, shops, lodging, and restaurants how they feel about wolves; if they are complacent or against wolves, simply decline to spend your money there and tell them why. Wolves belong, wolves are necessary, and wolves are worth more alive than dead.

Rethink tourism – vote with your money!

Contact the departments of tourism for each state in the Northern Rockies

Call or email – let them know the reason you travel or are planning on traveling to these states is to see and enjoy wolves and other apex predators on their natural landscape and that the barbaric killing of these animals for the sake of commercializing and privatizing public lands is making you rethink your decision to spend money there.

Write a letter to the editor (LTE)

An LTE will usually be limited to 300 words. Be respectful and accurate, and use your own words.

Do NOT limit LTEs to Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming newspapers.

Contact elected officials

Call or email your elected officials in Congress and educate them about the war on wolves in the Rocky Mountain states, i.e., Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming and ask for their help. 

A personal letter, phone call, or meeting has a significant impact on your legislators.